Exactly about Women’s Texts: Feminist Art through the East

Exactly about Women’s Texts: Feminist Art through the East

Casa del Reloj

Through the 25th – 29th OCTOBER, 10:00 – 20:00

Into the framework of this Kyiv Global – Kyiv Biennial 2017

Because the revolution that is first 2004 modern art in Ukraine is now socially and politically involved. After Maidan revolution (2013) now aided by the war, art earnestly responds to terrible experiences that are social. The concerns of females and migrants legal rights, in particular, are exacerbated. Along with her exhibition curated for TRANSEUROPA, Oksana Briukhovetska will contextualize feminist and gender dilemmas within the art industry and culture generally speaking, supplying a perspective that is comparative the present Ukrainian situation along with other post-Soviet and Eastern europe. The exhibition “Women’s Texts” is an accumulation of functions by musicians from Ukraine, Poland, Czechia and Russia, whom utilize various mediums and a feminist optic to express various problems impacting ladies in post-soviet/post- countries that are socialist.

Almost all of the works had been developed in the last few years and exhibited at the artistic Culture Research Centre (Kyiv, Ukraine) included in a trilogy of feminist exhibitions: “Motherhood” (2015), “What in me personally is Feminine? ” (2015) and “TEXTUS. Embroidery, textile, feminism” (2017). These exhibitions offered women artists a platform for expression and a setting for public discussion of social issues and women’s experiences as women in the contemporary art world are usually in less privileged positions.

One of many important problems raised ended up being the situation that is economic of and women’s work.

The Ukrainian-Russian cooperative “Shvemy” exposes with its performance just just just how western brands utilize slave labour in developing nations to sew inexpensive clothes. Sofia Vremennaya examines in her own work the labour migration of Ukrainian ladies. Aleka Polis of Poland makes use of the image of women cleaner as compared to a figure of protest that becomes a metaphor for eradication and fight.

The event additionally touches from the themes of motherhood and unpaid domestic work, which in upforit post-soviet nations is shouldered primarily by females. Inside her performance -installation Ukrainian musician Valentyna Petrova documents the space between wide range and poverty. Anna Sorokovaya’s item provides understanding of a questionnaire of women’s craft that is military happens to be common recently with all the start of war in Ukraine, now with its 4th 12 months.

A number of the works are reflections on femininity and masculinity, ideas which are becoming delicate and changing as a consequence of contemporary crises. Among the exhibitions within the trilogy ended up being devoted solely to embroidery and textile, which occupy a place that is special the various mediums. Labelled as “female” strategies, they carry subversive potential that is emancipative in place of their old-fashioned ornamental function, they have been utilized to produce and read “Women’s Texts”. Feminist art redefines them by subversively stripping away conservative connotations.


Oksana Briukhovetska. Ukraine

Ksenia Gnylytska. Ukraine

Alina Iakubenko. Ukraine

Alina Kleitman. Ukraine

Valentyna Petrova. Ukraine

Aleka Polis. Poland

Sewing“Shvemy” that is cooperative. Ukraine-Russia

Anna Sorokovaya. Ukraine

Iryna Stasiuk. Ukraine

Sofia Vremennaya. Czechia

Anna Zviagintseva. Ukraine

Curator Oksana Briukhovetska. This woman is a curator and artist at artistic customs analysis Center. Graduate associated with the nationwide Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv.

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